Class of 1996 rising star of the year trophy

Batch of '1996' along with our principal maam, Ms. Krishna Bhati gave away the brand new "Class of 1996 rising star of the year trophy" to Yatharth Shreedharan of class XIIth at the 32nd annual day of MSMSV held on 19.11.2016.

It is a trophy introduced by the batch of 1996 this year.

Here's the official trophy citation :-

"A great school is one where thinkers are nurtured, encouraged to take risks, explore ideas and connect theory with practice. It is these thinkers and achievers at MSMSV whom we want to support and encourage. 

As has often been said, the youth who loves his Alma mater will always ask, not "what she can do for me" but "what I can do for her"

With these sentiments in our hearts and a sense of gratitude towards our school, we the class of '96 proudly announce the constitution of CLASS OF 1996 RISING STAR TROPHY. 

This annual running trophy will be awarded to a student from outgoing class XII batch for his or her exceptional achievement in creative/philanthropic/academic/sports/literature/science/technology or any similar field and which is universally recognised beyond the school and brings laurels to the Alma Mater."